Broken Goals, Glorious Plans – the “starving time” of summer

I remember a time when I decided to write daily…to read news articles, blogs, and novels. I created a huge summer reading list for myself – both fiction and non-fiction. I was excited and confident about the goals I’d set for the months ahead. It was a perfect summer project, and I needed one. Then I found out I was pregnant. Every time I tried to read a single sentence, my eyes closed, and I awoke some time later to a closed book, my place lost, and an incredulous 10-year-old. “Mom, you were out,” he said. “I came in here
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Nostalgia, Memory & Senses – Summer Writing

Lately, I’ve been fascinated with the power of our senses. We rush through life, head-down, one foot in front of the other, without a break or a moment’s hesitation. We have time for nothing but our to-do list, working, or cooking, cleaning, folding, cooking, cleaning, folding, etc. We focus on what we prize most in life, and we miss out on the world around us. Yet, in a single moment, one scent, a single memory frozen in time, can break through all boundaries and flood us with a sense of nostalgia. This power overrides all of the things we feel
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Joy in the Little Things – Food Truck Friday

Last week, Tyler and I started our Friday night the perfect way, by packing up the babe, throwing in our blanket and heading over to Food Truck Friday in the Historic South End. While we aren’t Food Truck Friday regulars, we have gone a few times. It’s much more difficult to do in this stage of parenthood with 6:30 bedtimes and hangry meltdowns if the little Sugar Lump isn’t fed on time. E ended up being out of town this past weekend, so he missed out, but he loves going and has his own favorite food truck (he swears by the Pig
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Paleo Cowboy Quiche

This past weekend was the perfect spring weekend. We grilled out, spent time with friends, celebrated Easter, saw family, and shared Easter brunch with some of our community. There is nothing better than good food, friends, and spending time outside. It made me so thankful to live in North Carolina during the spring. For brunch, I decided to make a paleo crustless quiche based on The Pioneer Woman’s Cowboy Quiche. Usually I would make a quiche with broccoli, red peppers, asparagus, or some other veggie. However, I knew several veggies would already be represented at the brunch, so I went
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I Would Have Been a Pharisee – Musings on Good Friday

When I imagine the picture of Jesus dying, I can’t help but believe I would have been a pharisee. I see him wounded and in pain, making effort after effort to breathe – literally suffocating – on the cross. And then I see myself to the side, mocking him and believing he got what he deserved. I see myself denying his identity, convinced in my heart he wasn’t the messiah. This may be a dismal portrait, but it definitely displays the human condition without Christ. If not for his grace, I would be a pharisee today. Reflecting on Passover and
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It’s Not Enough to Just Be Thankful

The last year of our family’s life has been hectic. We endured seasons of late nights, little sleep, over-commitment, too much work, and little rejuvenation. It wasn’t all bad. We have a beautiful baby boy, Tyler and I have put more money in savings than ever before, and we enjoy the community and friendships we’ve built over the last few years. I’ve maneuvered homeschooling E, though it’s rarely easy but amazing anyways, and Tyler has built a pretty decent portfolio in design and photography. I discovered a new-found love for hot yoga and re-entered the running world with some sluggishness.
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A Letter to Our Food Budget

    Dear Food Budget, Get behind me, Satan. Thanks, Melissa   But really. This is all I have to say to our food budget. It’s the biggest source of financial temptation for me. I don’t go shopping and buy new clothes very often. I probably only splurge when I have gift cards, when I’m pregnant and don’t fit my clothes any more, or when my kids need new clothes. I do love a new pair of shoes from Target, though. My food budget, however, is a weekly source of contention for my soul. I so desire to buy fresh,
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Patience and Temper Tantrums

Patience is like a bad visit to the dentist. Just hearing the word makes people cringe or roll their eyes. Here we go again, the same spiel about patience…we watch the minute hand on the clock move slowly, hoping it’s over quickly. Honestly, I’m even dreading typing this post. The problem with patience is it’s a heart issue. Or rather impatience stems from a heart of expectation, pride, and obsession. It’s easiest to see impatience in a toddler – A favorite toy disappears into a drawer or the bowl of oatmeal is empty more quickly than he’d like. This moment
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Valentine’s Day – Seasons and Immense Joy

I’ve felt like we have been sinking for the past few weeks. My heart has been gripped in a vice of fear and despair. Peace has abandoned me for the moment. I can be happy for just a brief second, and you probably have thought I’m fine, if you’re my friend in real life. I haven’t been. Don’t be deceived; I’m good at keeping up a front. It’s been tumultuous. I won’t go in to it because it’s not beneficial, and my journal has been drained and badgered with all of it. Instead, I’m practicing love and thankfulness. I’m thinking
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Compare to Despair

Have you ever given a friend advice or responded to complaints with words much later you wish you hadn’t used? While it’s certainly not the only time this has happened, one particular instance is stuck in my head. Even today, weeks later, I found myself sitting on the floor in the den, playing with Martin, still thinking of what I should have said and what I would go back and say if we shared the same conversation again. It wasn’t even a really important or life-changing moment, but my faulty advice has stayed with me and plagued me. My friend
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