Asheville, Stomach Bugs, and Many Pictures

A nasty bug kept me away from the computer for most the week last week. I battled and grappled with it for a few days, and it went on to attack E. Of course, he kicked it’s butt in a mere 12 hours. He also started praying to Jesus in the bathroom after his first episode, so I think he was cured faster for his faith.

He asked great questions including, “Is there really a bug in my stomach right now,” “Does the thermometer read how much bug is left in my body” (E, I wish this was true. If only we got more from the thermometer than body temp), and, “I guess I won’t get perfect attendance this year.” This was only E’s 2nd stomach virus in his 8 years, so his comprehension of sickness is much less than other children.

So Tyler and I found ourselves on Friday afternoon at five with a dilemma. We had to decide if we were going to pack up our whole family and haul ourselves to Asheville for the family weekend (planned since last year) with my parents and my sister’s family.

E had been throwing up all morning, I was on my first day without fever and hadn’t thrown up, and we were all exhausted from sick times.

Of course, we decided to go. We can talk about how wise of a decision that was another time (One of our deciding factors was the fact we had our own hotel room for quarantining purposes).

It really worked out well. I made sure E went to bed early and was forced to stay in the room after that. I didn’t want to be arrested for leaving an 8-year-old in a hotel room by himself. It wouldn’t look good to a court, especially if he had a stomach virus. So I got some extra sleep time as well, probably more than I would have gotten at home.

Saturday we went to Carrier Park in Asheville. It was amazing. The park was an old speedway turned velodrome, roller hockey rink, and giant play-ground, much like our favorite park in the Clemson/Pendleton area. E and my dad loved watching bikes in the velodrome, play on the Spirit of the River airplane, and conquering the monkey-bars.

Spirit of the River
E and Papa – Velodrome
Lee Bee
Tire Tube
Monkey Bars

Tyler took some great pics of E and Lee Bee both Saturday and Sunday.

After the park Saturday, we left the kids with my parents and Jen, Darren, Tyler, and I went to Brewgrass 2012! We were definitely not as gung-ho this year with Jen’s cold, my stomach virus, Tyler’s fear of the stomach virus, and Darren just being discouraged by us. Actually, it was a great time.

The Official Brewgrass Glass

But it was dang hot. Brewgrass takes place on a baseball field, so absolutely no shade. It was so hot that I captured this picture of Tyler. I may or may not have promised not to post it.

Unbuttoned with Homemade Root Beer

It was so hot that I got a sunburn. I know that sounds silly, but that says a lot. I don’t burn. There is nothing more unattractive than peeling, burnt lips. I’ve got them, watch out!

The music this year was much better than last year. I really enjoyed Cutthroat Shamrock, though I was skeptical at first because of their name. I also really liked Town Mountain. We even got up from our cozy chair/blanket post and watched Town Mountain at the front.

Darren and Jen
Tyler and Me

The beer was good. I didn’t do a good job trying most everything, but I did get a few good things. Tyler had one beer that wasn’t even deserving of the name ‘beer’ and Darren forced him to dump it out. The big hit of the day was from Wicked Weed Brewing, a brewery in Asheville that will open very soon. Their debut at Brewgrass was one of the first Wicked Weed tastings. The line was about 45 minutes long, so I opted out. Darren and Tyler enjoyed it though. The term ‘wicked weed’ refers to the quote from Henry VIII, “Hops are a wicked and pernicious weed.” Little did King Henry know…

We enjoyed some good beer, conversation, music, and yummy food from some of Asheville’s signature restaurants.
Photo by Tyler LaCross

And now that we’re back from such a whirlwind week/end, I’m glad we went. I’m still worn out, frustrated I haven’t been able to run yet, and with a wreck of a house/nursing station to clean up, but I’m looking for the positive. I saw the people I love, I feel better, and there are signs of fall in the air. Plus, Tyler promised to help clean the house tonight.

Fall’s Coming.