Baby Sh-owl-er for Katey and James – Owl Cake

Two weeks ago, some Florence people convened at The Meade House for a night to celebrate Katey and James McCoy and their baby Liam, due to join us all here on earth in just a few weeks. I was honored to be helping these lovely ladies give the shower. We’re all long-time friends from a seemingly different era of Florence history, and it was great to get back and visit with everyone.

Hostesses(L to R): Taiter, Sage, Whitney, Me

We went with an owl theme for the shower, because Katey and James are decorating the nursery in earthy tones and owls. Whitney did a great job prepping her home. Instead of a traditional baby shower sans men, we decided to do a grill out and invite the guys. They definitely get shafted in the wedding and baby shower scene. Granted, I know most men don’t want to sit and open presents, but they definitely miss out on some great food. So we did burgers and dogs, chips and potato salad, fruit, and lots of desserts.

Some of the gals (L to R): Me, Sage, KateyandLiam, Whitney, Taiter, and Kali/Jones
Really it was a great night. I even got to meet little Jones Dabney. I’ll be honest. It was great to hold a 6-week-old again. I had forgotten how tiny they are and how much attention they need. Jones is definitely a cutie.
Tyler and my part of the preparation for the shower was 1. Tyler buys beer and 2. Melissa makes owl cake. Buying beer was easy enough, but I had to do a little research in order to decide which owl cake to mimic. Google searching owl cake and looking at the images is a little daunting. But I found a super cute plan for an owl cake at My Inner Need to Create
I decided we didn’t need as big of a cake as she made, so instead of using 9″ and 13″ circles, I used 8″ and 10″ circles. It turned out just as well. I made strawberry marble and chocolate marble cakes. They were pretty and yummy at the same time. 
Marble Cakes

After baking the cakes, I trimmed them up and put them together to make the owl shape.

 Then I made icing and colored them: Tan/Copper, Brown(cocoa and coloring), Yellow, Black, and I saved a little White for the eyes.

E even helped me make the icing. He definitely enjoyed licking a spoon and eating lots of left over cake.

The finished product? A cutie owl cake, but not too girly for Liam. I was pretty excited about the way it turned out. I definitely had my doubts about my capabilities.

Meanwhile, Tyler was doing great things as well. He volunteered to help make E’s Halloween costume. E chose to be a red ninja this year, so Tyler made it. He is such a Renaissance man. I think he even enjoys sewing more than I do, because he loves precision and putting things together. I do not. I like icing because you can cover up mistakes easily, and I can literally ice over something done sloppily. 
My Man Love – Focusing
All in all, it was a great night. It was great to see Katey with a baby bump, James, and crew. I am so excited about baby Liam and the future McCoy family. Tyler and I definitely had a “we miss Florence” moment. It really only lasted a few minutes until we had to drive through Sams Club and Wal*Mart traffic. Then we were over it, but we definitely loved the community time. Thanks Katey and James for the excuse to get together.
Mr. LaCross and Myself