Breakfast Phyllo Dough Experiment

Last week, I attended a women’s brunch and wasn’t really sure what to make. I looked in the freezer to see what we had to work with. I found, what I forgot we had, phyllo dough. Then I had to scour the internet for a good breakfast recipe using phyllo dough.

This Flaky Egg Bake seemed to fit the bill. I had almost everything for the recipe except the peppers and, of course, the meat. The recipe suggests freezing it before, but I wasn’t really interested in doing that. However, know the prep time for the bake was more than I wanted to spend at 7 a.m., I made it the night before. Then I kept the bake in the fridge over night and cooked it just before my brunch.

When I went to make the filling, I found my mushrooms had gone bad, which was sad, but it tasted fine without them. I also used the cheese blends I already had, though I did pick up some havarti at Trader Joe’s. I did use some basil from my herb garden, which has since died. I neglected to bring it in during our cold nights. I’ll restart again.

The Filling

Layering up the phyllo dough with the butter and filling wasn’t too difficult. I actually like working with phyllo dough because it’s pretty forgiving. Even if the sheets rip in half, they will meld back together while baking. One of the interesting things the recipe suggested was cutting the bake into servings before baking. I hadn’t thought of this before, but baked phyllo dough is not as forgiving, meaning it breaks into tiny pieces when cut or pushed on too hard. But, before baking, phyllo dough cuts nicely and looks good.

Flaky Egg Bake minus the mushrooms
This recipe worked out really well. Tyler gladly disposed of the leftovers and was thankful to have gotten some of it. He definitely was hoping for some after seeing me put it together. 
A slice of yum