Childress Vineyards Lunch Date


A few weeks ago, my sister, Jen, and I decided to meet for lunch. Then a few days ago she suggested we meet at a winery/vineyard for lunch.

Why, of course! Of course we can meet at a winery for lunch on Thursday. What a perfect idea.
This is one of the great things about living in Charlotte while your sister lives down the road in Winston-Salem. In between are numerous wineries, but up until now, we hadn’t taken advantage of them.
And it was quite appropriate that we chose Childress Vineyards because today is the Coke 600 [NASCAR Race in Charlotte] and Childress Vineyards is owned by Richard Childress, the owner of Richard Childress Racing. I didn’t know this until we were there and I saw all kinds of wine corks with racing numbers on them. There were quite a few racing fans at this fancy, stucco, tuscan winery. Just look at their front doors.
Front Doors
Of course, I couldn’t walk through the place without singing [internally], “Try not to think about it, A-lice Chil-dre-sss.”
Sweet Nephew
Before we met, I talked to our old neighbor, friend, and wine connoisseur, Ken, to ask if he’d been to Childress before. Of course, he had, and so he gave me the suggestion to try the Cabernet Franc. Jen and I split a bottle at lunch. It was great. It wasn’t as sweet as a Merlot, but was more mellow than a Cabernet Sauvignon.
Perfect Lunch
I had Grilled Chicken and Spinach Gnocchi for lunch. It went above and beyond my expectations. The description said it had “sun dried tomato creme and cipollinis,” both of which were amazing. Apparently cipollinis are onions, and the sauce was excellent. I will definitely get this meal again when we go back.
Jen and I hit the walking trails for a few minutes after our meal. We took some great pics.
Mommy and Evan


Overall, I was impressed with my first NC Winery. Jen and I had good conversation, a lot of laughs, and delicious food and wine. We plan to return some time in the early fall with our families.
Front Fountain