DIY Sandwiches – The Not Wedding Charlotte

Next week, Tyler and I are doing The Not Wedding in Charlotte. Tyler has been working on getting LaCross Photography off the ground in the last year. While he absolutely loves doing family and wedding photos for friends, his only advertising has been word of mouth. This has worked thus far, but we decided it was time to kick it up a notch.

The Not Wedding is a bridal show in the form of a wedding. The couple is already married and just renewing their vows. It’s an innovative way to do a bridal show because it allows the brides and their fiances/moms to see the vendors in action. I think it’s going to be a really fun even, though I do have to talk to people for most of it. I’m not really outgoing and am much more comfortable writing in front of this computer. But I will enjoy the challenge of talking to strangers, and I’m excited about Tyler’s photography, so it’s not really hard for me to talk about it.

In preparation for the Not Wedding, Tyler did a pre-wedding “Styled Shoot,” and it’s on The Not Wedding’s blog today. As Tyler says, “Old-fashioned romance was the theme we wanted to portray with this shoot. In a modern age, when we are so connected to one another through social media, it is easy to satisfy our inner desire for real human connection in superficial ways. We wanted to challenge couples to disconnect from their day-to-day, leave smart phones behind and pursue each other the way their grandparents did, by spending quality, intentional time together.”

I’m not going to lie, this is a great idea, and I may have proofed his words. I love the idea of turning off technology and really engaging with a friend, loved one, or stranger. It’s good to just be with other people and talk with them.

I was really excited to help Tyler out with the photo-shoot and even made sandwiches and Caprese Salad bites for it. For the sandwiches, I made the brown wrapping out of paper bags. I cut off the bottom and then wrapped the sandwiches like a gift. In order for the sandwiches to not dry out or get grease all over the bags, I put a piece of plastic-wrap around the outside first. I also used a toothpick to keep the bag and sandwich together. Then I tied them with twine. It was cute, simple, and looked amazing in the pictures!