Downton Obsession

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It’s Friday, and I’m pumped for the weekend for a few reasons.

1. We got the keys to our new place today! We’ll be taking E to visit the inside for the first time later today. He’s seen the outside but has yet to lay eyes on his room. I am so ready for his excitement.

2. We’re attending a gender reveal party for some friends on Saturday. I’ll admit, I’ve been skeptical about the whole idea of gender reveal, but I am super-excited to see them find out if they’re having a boy or girl.

3. I have a girl’s night dinner with my friends, Anna and Melody, at Deejai! I love their Thai food. I am waiting patiently and skipping any kind of afternoon snack so I’ll be fully hungry later.

4. Last, but certainly not least, I cannot wait for another chapter to unfold in Downton Abbey. My dad told us about the show after the first episode. As always, he was right, and we were immediately hooked. Many of our male friends picked on Tyler for his choice in TV shows saying he wasn’t manly enough, but surprise, surprise, lately they are more obsessed with it than Tyler. Tyler does have impeccable taste.

Love this blazer and denim look

If I’m ever in Miami and have loads of money to spend, I may stay in this hotel for it’s eccentric and chic decor.

Once we get moved in to the new place, I may make these scones as our Saturday morning treat.

I hope your weekend has rest and relaxation in-store.