It’s Official…

We’re moving!

Our New Place

After almost two years on Willoughby St., we are saying goodbye to our current home, our kitchen, our neighborhood, and moving across Uptown to Biddleville!

10 Perks of Our New Place:
1. Star mounted on the front porch
2. Fenced in Yard with a deck
3. 3-bedrooms
4. Alarm System
5. Larger Kitchen with full-sized appliances
6. Larger Bathroom
7. Flat Screen TV Mount for our grande Christmas Present (we’ve just got to get Netflix hooked up!)
8. Driveway to park cars (No more street parking!)
9. E’s bedroom is a refinished attic – he’s got the lofted big-boy room. Tyler and I are both a little jealous
10. We’ve got friends next door, across the street, down the street, and down the street and around the corner – Insta-Community!

10 Things We’ll Miss:
1. Our first home together as a married couple
2. Walking to Starbucks
3. The huge attic door in my closet
4. Our neighbor Ken, our neighbor Anna
5. Davidson, Mowbry, and Fisher – E’s friends
6. TV Shows and movies on the iMac
7. Our mail slot
8. Tyler and E walking to work/school
9. Late night Laurel Market trips and their amazing breakfast/lunch deli
10. Linen Closet Space

Needless to say, we’ll spend the next few weeks packing, taking pictures of Willoughby St, and enjoying final memories in one house while preparing for the next era of life.