Let’s Be Honest – False Necessities

Every day, I feel as though I need a cup of coffee to survive. If I don’t have my cup of coffee, I have a pretty killer headache around lunchtime. I also pretty much compulsively check my Instagram feed daily. Sometimes, three times a day, but sometimes only once. I get really absorbed in reading a book, and I love either a dessert or a glass of wine after dinner (lately it’s been the glass of wine or some cheese).

But these things won’t literally sustain me. They may make my day better, and I may rely on them for momentary happiness, but they aren’t live-giving. However, I give them more priority in my life and treat them as though they are my daily bread and water.

It’s so easy in our culture, one so full of material stuff, to create false necessities. We get into habits and rituals. We can’t live without blow-drying our hair, our favorite gum, or camera-phone. We have to have our favorite brand shoes, jeans, and bags. Or we have to go to Target and buy so much more because we can expect more and pay less, right? I’m guilty for sure.

But what if we waited to indulge in our false necessities until we actually prayed, found peace, and read Truth each morning? Would we have to wait all day long before we got a cup of coffee? Would we get a cup of coffee at all?

It’s so easy to trick ourselves into believing that all the things we see and have will bring us more joy and energy to get through the frustrations of life, but in reality, they pull us further away from what is truly essential. What if we made a pact to NOT do that one thing, or many things, until we prayed and focused on our hope, Jesus? Would that be enough of a motivator to complete our devotion time? So instead of checking out email compulsively or getting up early to take a run, we would first read and pray, then get busy. I’m sure we’d find our souls would be thankful for that time, and we would face the day with refreshment and peace.

Truth, peace, and God get me through the day. Not coffee, not my favorite Spotify music, not a walk, run, or a few minutes when both kids are occupied, but I don’t always act acknowledge it.

The most beneficial thing in our lives should be given the biggest priority. So wake up earlier, don’t look at your phone while you’re still in bed, read your bible while your coffee brews each morning. If you’re looking for something to read, I’ve been following this great daily devo online, She Reads Truth. I had a few friends mention it to me, and I found I really like it, not to mention the design is awesome!

Don’t believe in false necessities! Seek and find real ones. Savor them, enjoy them, and make them your number one priority.