Let’s Be Honest – Hoarding

The other day I was singing the lyrics, “I don’t know what they want from me, it’s like the mo money we come across, the mo problems we see.” The boy E was confused.

He, of course, had never heard of the Notorious B.I.G., nor had he heard the song, so he wanted to know what I was singing and why more money led to more problems. It was pretty unfathomable to him.

I tried to explain how the more money and things we have leads to more responsibilities and things we have to tend to. Conveniently, I’d been reading Crazy Busy, and DeYoung talks about how we lose a lot of time tending to all of our junk, which may seem responsible, but at the same time makes us busy and irresponsible with other important tasks/relationships. No matter your race, gender, or age, there is one equalizer. Time. 24 hours. No one has more or less. It’s how we spend that time that counts.

After trying to explain this idea, “Mo Money, Mo Problems” and what little I know about 90’s rap to E, he basically summed it up for me. “So the more money we have, the more we hoard?” I wasn’t expecting him to use the word hoard, but it’s true. We hoard our things, like treasures, and waste so much time tending to them – organizing them, dusting them, moving them around, cleaning them, making sure they’re kept up, updating them, buying covers and accessories for them…the list goes on.

The more we have, the more we have to do. The more we have to do, the less time we seem to have.

We just went on vacation for 2 weeks. It was amazing, but I felt like we packed half of our house to go. If you’ve taken an infant/child on vacation, you know my pain. You have to take every possible thing you may need for any situation. In reality, we just took what we needed, but it seemed like a lot. We probably could have gotten rid of most of the other junk in our house after taking out our suitcases (with a few obvious exceptions, like furniture/winter clothes). But really, how many of us have so much more than we need? And how many of us are taken up with maintaining all of that stuff? Couldn’t we survive, maybe even thrive, with a little less hassle, a little less distraction, a little less to be responsible for?

Adopting this mentality is definitely one of my goals for 2014. It doesn’t come easy for me. Pinterest, Instagram, Social Media, Magazines, TV Shows, Friends…they all in some ways can encourage me to want something else, something more. Trying to spend less money would be great for both my budget and my state of mind. So at least for the rest of the summer, I am attempting to spend money on essentials and homeschooling curriculum. So that bag from Forever 21 that I really like and think would be super helpful at the pool? It will stay at the store because if I buy it, I’ll have to spend 15 minutes trying to find a place to store it, another 5 minutes moving everything into it, and who knows how long admiring it.