Let’s Be Honest – My House is a Circus

Most of the time, my house is a circus starring a cat, a dog, a 4-month old, a 9-year-old, a husband who works 1.5 jobs, and my own bag of tricks.

I’m too busy. Even as I sit to write this post (and plan on posting it later next week), I’m watching Martin play, eating leftovers from last night and keeping an eye on E as he works through a math speed drill. This is about as peaceful as my day gets. I have laundry going, and I’m racking my brain about what to make for dinner, what to buy at the grocery store, and what to purchase and pack for two weeks of vacation. We’ve had things going on every weekend since Martin was a month old. I often feel as though I’m ruled by my coffee intake and my to-do list.

Our family certainly isn’t the only one that is too busy. It’s generally a problem throughout our culture. I’ve been reading DeYoung’s book, Crazy Busy, and I’ve really been challenged by his words. I’ve known I was too busy for a long time. Don’t we all?

American Life = Crazy Busy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married with kids, single-parenting it, or working your way through college. We all seem to be booked solid. I think it’s because we believe the lie that the more busy we are, the “better” or more “popular” we are. There is some achievement mentality that falsely leads us to believe that a few moments of peace and quiet will hinder our achievement. But honestly, I’m just more stretched and exhausted at the end of the day.

Our busyness carries into our relationships as well. I’m irritable, snappy, neglectful, and selfishly put out by anyone who gets in my way. According to the APA, about half of adults have lost their temper and snapped at their spouse or child in the last month, and half of Americans have had someone tell them they seem stressed in the last month. As a country, we’re too busy and stressed, and it shows.

I like to justify my busyness all in the name of responsibility, but that’s not always the complete truth. I’m often busy for the wrong reasons and neglect the things I really should be doing because my priorities are out of whack.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be thinking through ways to challenge my busyness and prioritize what I do in life. I want to cut down my to-do list and insert moments of solace in an otherwise packed schedule.