A Month of Thanks

Do you ever have seasons where you just feel off? I’m crawling through one of those right now, and what I’ve noticed is it takes me longer to process everything. It takes me longer to think through decisions, to let go of silly arguments, to write a sentence, or to realize how blessed I am. These days, I’m doing well if I can simply focus on having a good attitude. I grumble, complain, and fuss like none other. I’m short-tempered and bitter.

So I decided it would be more beneficial if I, instead trying to tackle my frustration with only a clear mind, tried to fight negativity with thankfulness.

I know it’s December, and we just finished that whole season focused on Thanks. But I missed out on it this year. I’m just now processing it, thinking through it, and really thanking God for my blessings.

So I’m starting a thankful list, a whole week/month late, Ann Voskamp style, of all the things I’ve graciously been given. Here are my first 10.

Gifts from My Creator

  1. The creak of old hardwood floors, worn by the tread of cautious feet, hard-working feet, tired feet, lonely feet, running feet, and baby toes
  2. Lunch alfresco on the back deck, seated in Adirondak chairs, a book in hand, and the crinkle of leaves falling to the ground
  3. Early morning thunderstorms and rain on the roof while I hold on to the covers for just one more moment
  4. Cool water on my throat after a good workout
  5. Falling asleep on the couch while reading with Ethan, Martin asleep in the adjacent room
  6. Fresh flowers from a celebration of friends, leaving me treasuring the memories of that night for days to come
  7. Listening to the mouth-open breathing of a sleeping babe, holding him close, and realizing this season will pass before I can fully appreciate it
  8. The 10:00 alarm on his fitbit, reminding my techie husband to kiss me and tell me it’s time for bed.
  9. A glass of red wine after the children are tucked in bed, when I can veg, read, or talk with one I love
  10. The crackling of a fire, flames leaping high, warming my toes, fingers, and soul, encouraging conversation and nostalgia, providing a moment of community.

Happy Friday.