Morning Coffee

This morning I am mourning coffee. We’re not giving coffee up. That’s not the issue.

I just finished the cup of coffee I started drinking at 7:30 a.m. The last few swallows were cold, and the coffee had been reheated once. It’s actually quite a miracle I only had to reheat it once. Twice is the norm these days.

I’m mourning coffee because it’s not the ritualistic experience it used to be.

I love a good cup of Larry’s Beans coffee either brewed and black or made in the french press and served with steamed milk. But it’s not just the cup of coffee I love. Equally important to me is the experience. Ideal morning coffee is enjoyed in a quiet room with lots of windows. It’s the perfect time for journaling, reading, or sharing real conversation with a friend.

In this new season of motherhood, this ideal doesn’t exist. Every now and then I get a few moments to enjoy the bliss of a quiet cup, but typically it’s shared with changing diapers, shaking rattles, and nods and smiles with Martin. I wouldn’t trade these months of motherhood for the world, so ultimately I can’t complain. Plus, Martin seems to like coffee already. He tried to grab the cup out of my hand the other morning. In that moment, it was good that the coffee was cold and not burning hot.

In the meantime, I look forward to a morning when I do have my ideal cup of coffee. For now, I’ll trek along drinking both hot and cold coffee each day. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get up an extra hour earlier to have some quiet moments, but probably not.

How do you like your morning coffee?