Nashville – The Finale – The Farmer’s Market

Family Photo at Farmer’s Market
One of my Favorite places in Nashville was the farmer’s market. It really was just a large food court, with a flea market and farmer’s market located on the sides. I really loved it. We ended up eating at the food court twice and enjoying the walk through bicentennial park as well. When we got to bicentennial park, we met the cutest kitty. We would have given her a home (I’m sure LuLu would have loved sharing attention), but we had a 6 hour car ride, and our hotel didn’t allow animals. We all were sad to leave her.
Shoe-String Tag

It wouldn’t have been a park experience without a tree climb. Ethan is a professional climber. It also wouldn’t be a trip without Tyler taking some pictures with his artistic eye. I’m wearing my new headband from one of the Nashville Boot stores. Hooray for my hair being long enough for such a feat.

Bicentennial Park also had an amphitheater, which we explored. Ethan loves Uncle Jonathan!

When we got to the Farmer’s Market, we found amazing restaurants and this cute cupcake place. The Sweet Stash was far from a disappointment. I’m thankful I don’t eat lunch there everyday because I would need a cupcake after every meal. We all know that would be too much sugar and calories on my hips.

Ethan and Uncle Jonathan
Photo of Me by Tyler
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake
A Great Cupcake Place
My Goat Lunch

After seeing Jamaicaway on Food Network, we decided to eat there. My father-in-law is a huge Guy Fieri fan, and Guy visited Jamaicaway on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. The owner, Ouida Bradshaw, said she didn’t even know who Guy Fieri was until he walked in the door. She’s definitely looking for authentic flavor and not fame.

I decided if I was going to eat meat, I would go big or go home, so I tried the curry goat. Yes, I ate goat. And it was good. I was really nervous it would make my stomach hurt, but it really didn’t. I also got the cheesy mashed potatoes, plantains, and a johnny cake. All of it was delicious. The plantains were my favorite.

The farmer’s market had a homey feel to it. Ethan found a cowboy hat, we ate good food, and enjoyed some unique Nashville times.