Parties, Parties.

While I was there for less then 24-hours, my time in the small hometown, Florence, was well spent this past weekend. I got to have dinner with my parents and my in-laws (they get along well, so that’s never a problem). Then I had a cake-making party with this one.

Sifting Taiter
I was so excited to see my lovely Taiter and make cakes with her until the middle of the night. We literally finished everything around midnight and then chatted until I fell asleep on the couch around 1 a.m. I’m an old woman.
Saturday was so joyful as we celebrated Charlotte’s little boy. I was so touched to find they’ve decided to name him Jack Lawson Culotta. He’s named after Charlotte’s dad, Jack Lawson, who died last year after battling lung cancer. I am so excited for little Jack and the name he’s inheriting because his granddad was really special. Some pictures from the weekend.
All Star Party Decor by Lindsey Bibler
My Baseball Cake

Charlotte and Dr. Anna
Baseball Cupcakes
Caroline and Itty Bitty EC
Gifts – Cutie Elephant
Lindsay and Lindsey with Olive
Lindsey, Anna, Charlotte, Me, Caroline, and Lindsay

It was a great shower. And then, by no surprise, I was chased by a giant storm system as I hurried back to NC. I made it back without rain, though dark clouds threatened me the whole way. To finish up a great day, Tyler and I had an amazing date at this Italian place in Charlotte. I had the mushroom risotto special. It was absolutely amazing. Tyler and I also tried stuffed mushrooms and some great glasses of red wine. 

To top it all off, the weather has been so amazing. It’s reminding me of this era of life.
I love Fall. I love Apple Picking. I love my boys. Circa 2009.
I had my pre-fall celebration run by hitting a 5-miler last night before dark. It was one my best runs in a while. And then I snuggled up with Harry Potter before bed. I’m working through The Order of the Phoenix. And now we’re back to a new week. Happy Monday!