We Quit Sugar – Week 1

One week. We’ve only made it through one week of quitting sugar. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been as hard as I imagined. Because we don’t have any sugar products in our house (part of me prepping was to preemptively give away or trash any treats), I haven’t really been tempted to eat something sugary.

I wanted sugar. Half of the week, I’d have that urge, right after finishing dinner or lunch, to eat something a little sweet, even something tiny. I knew I was full, yet part of me just didn’t feel satisfied, as though something was missing. Tyler had a night like that on Saturday, where after dinner he imagined what dessert he would have. M&M’s and Cheerwine were his choices,

The hardest moment for us was on Sunday when we were trying to grab something quick to eat at Trader Joe’s. We were house sitting for some friends and were trying to work between our kitchen and theirs. I hadn’t planned ahead (also something that I learned is essential when quitting sugar), so we found ourselves looking at the prepared food in Trader Joe’s. All of it had added sugar or honey.

We ended up buying the uncooked meat and veggies and ate lunch a little later than we had expected. Just in time to watch the last few crazy minutes of the Mexico vs. Netherlands game.

The hardest moment for Ethan came on Tuesday morning, when he woke up shaking and feeling weak. After a few weeks of eating sugary cereal, pop-tarts, and coffee cake at the beach, he felt a little hypoglycemic in the morning. Both Tyler and I were pretty shocked he felt detox feelings that quickly. He was fine after eating eggs and toast for breakfast.

In order for everything to be “legit,” I’m keeping up with my stats: hours slept each night, weight each morning, food I consume, exercise, water intake, my mood, how I feel at 10:30 a.m., 2 pm., and 4 p.m. (all typical times for crashing after a meal). I had a hard time keeping track over the weekend, but I was pretty diligent last week. I was pretty shocked at how much water I drink and how little I sleep, thanks to sweet Martin.

Good Moments:

  1. The scale measures a few pounds less than it did last week.
  2. Ethan ate a snack of carrot sticks without ranch dressing and didn’t complain.
  3. I drank more water than I typically do because I was keeping track of it.
  4. I enjoyed wine for “dessert” one night. Ok, 2 nights.
  5. Tyler and Ethan enjoyed all of the food I prepared with very little complaining on E’s part!

I have a feeling week one was the honeymoon phase.