We Quit Sugar – Week 2

We’ve just finished Week 2 of our sugar fast on Sunday. I think we all agree Week 2 was more difficult than Week 1 for multiple reasons. The newness has worn off, it was the 4th of July (who doesn’t want something sweet then), and we got together with friends a few times, cookies were eaten, but not by us.

In order to help us curb our cravings, Sarah Wilson suggests replacing sugar with fat. The high fat items will help make you feel full more quickly and kind of fill in that gap after a meal. We often ate cheese this week when we wanted sugar and even let E have some healthy-ish potato chips for his high-fat treat. My favorite high fat snack was some goat’s milk gouda we got from Whole Foods. It was creamy and delicious, especially served with avocado. The high-fat diet isn’t long-term, don’t worry! It’s to help get through detox, but eventually it won’t be necessary, though I’m sure I’ll be tempted to keep it up.

In order to really think through how my body is responding to this, I journaled how I was feeling about everything throughout the week. Here are some thoughts of mine from Week 2, Day 4:

Since starting this no sugar thing, it’s definitely more profitable to eat small meals throughout the day. I feel as though my body is in a hypoglycemic mode. I’ll feel pretty shaky, kind of like when you stand up too fast and you need to grab onto the wall. Then, if I eat a little snack, I suddenly feel really full. And I’ll stop eating. But then a few hours later I’m in the same situation. At first it really frustrated me, but now I’ve just given in to eating many meals. I feel like a hobbit, actually. Today I’ve had breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. I really only skipped 2nd Breakfast. Supposedly this will end at some point, and I’ll get back to a normal meal schedule.

What we’re noticing now:

  1. Certain things taste more sweet. We had a glass of red wine, one we’ve had before that isn’t really sweet, and it tasted much more like grape juice this go around.
  2. A salad for lunch makes me full. Who would have thought?
  3. My scale is down a couple more pounds.
  4. We need to go to bed earlier (this is kind of unrelated to the sugar thing, but it’s true and super-noticable these days)
  5. Tyler feels the effects of caffeine more strongly now that he doesn’t have sugar in his body as well.
  6. We feel like our body is trying to figure out how to replace the typical amounts of sugar we are used to consuming.

My favorite meal we ate this past week was steak (who would have thought I’d ever like that?). Tyler grilled out for us, and it was nice to have something I haven’t eaten in months, probably since Christmastime. Upon request from Tyler, I also made this pimento cheese, but I accidentally bought aged white-cheddar instead of regular sharp cheddar. It actually gave the taste a pretty great kick, so I’d keep that one change if you end up making it.