We Quit Sugar – Week 3

This week, instead of giving you all of my input, I’m letting my boys give a brief run-down of our 3rd week without sugar. I interviewed them both to see just how they are feeling about life sans sugar.

Tyler – Tyler and I talk about no-sugar frequently, so I wasn’t surprised by any of his answers. I will say that some of his co-workers have told me about moments of weakness where he almost gave in and went and got ice-cream, though he finally did resist. I’m proud of him for resisting, even though he was in a stressful situation. It shows how much we want to eat comfort foods and sweets when we’re stressed out. Tyler also tends to have trouble in the mornings if he doesn’t eat before he exercises. He has hypoglycemic moments (feels like he’s going to pass out/dizzy/light-headed, but I do think part of that is his high metabolism).

How was Week 3?

It was tough. When I was under stress, I had trouble with cravings. I accidentally ate a mint at work without even processing it. I was also hungry and hadn’t eaten lunch, so maybe it’s easier at home because we don’t have any sweets in the house.

What’s the biggest change you have made in your lifestyle since quitting sugar?

I eat to nourish myself and not as much to feel good anymore. There isn’t that same satisfaction as giving into a craving for something sweet. It’s not a bad thing though.  Before if I drank a soft drink before lunch, I enjoyed it, but felt terrible afterwards. I don’t feel full in the same way now. It’s like something is missing, but something that would make me feel bad.

What is your favorite meal?

I like all meals, but breakfast has been nice having more substantial foods. We have had eggs, sausage, grits, toast with avocado, omelets with mushrooms and spinach, and stuff. The stuffed sweet potatoes you made for dinner were also really good.

Do you feel a lot different?

I feel like I’m not seeing dramatic results because we weren’t bad off to begin with (he says). I am happier that we don’t eat processed food, fast food, or really go out to eat much. I’m getting more nutrition out of the food we are eating, and I can tell.

How do you curb cravings?

Drinking La Croix sparkling water has helped a lot. It’s almost like soda, but not. I can just imagine the sugar when I drink it though. Nuts are also good.

Ethan – I am so proud of Ethan. He has handled this whole no-sugar thing well. Not only can he eat more veggies raw/plain now than he used to, but he is kind of owning the whole process. He complains every now and then, but really, he likes the challenge. He had some neighbors offer him grapes, and he turned them down without Tyler and I present. He also suffered through “Lemonade on the Lawn” at church this past Sunday. Lemonade and cookies for everyone else, but not him. He was pretty upset about it, but managed to see it as more fun time to play with friends. Later I told him that if I were him, I probably would have sneaked one, but he was better because he didn’t. I was also really surprised by his answers to some of these questions. I promise that I did not make up any of this. These are his responses, word-for-word. He even read over them after I asked the questions.

How do you feel about 3 weeks with no sugar?

I feel better most of the time. When we were having sugar, I would have random stomach aches and not feel good. Now I don’t have them as much. It allows me to enjoy the day without aches or stomach problems.

What has been the hardest thing to give up?

That’s a hard one. The thing I’ve missed the most, especially in the summer, is ice cream. But we actually made this sugar free frozen yogurt, which was the bomb.com, so that was really yummy. It was peanut-butter chocolate flavored.

What’s your favorite meal of the day? Now that you’re doing no-sugar, how has it changed?

Breakfast is my favorite meal because it gets me pumping for the day. I still like breakfast the best because it wakes me up and helps me push through the whole day, run around, and swim without making me feel like I’m going to fall asleep. I love goat-cheese grits, bacon, and eggs.

Snack time has been difficult as well. How are you handling that?

Actually, I really like it. I like some pita crackers we got from TJ’s and a piece of muenster cheese. I really like the Skinny Pop we got from Costco and Babybel cheese.

If Mommy told you that you could start eating sugar again today, would you do it or would you complete the 8 weeks?

(With some hesitation)…Ooohhhh…I would compelte the 8 weeks because the magazine said when you complete the 8 weeks all the stuff after it will taste really sweet. (I’m not sure this is the answer I was looking for, but I’ll take it!)

Your birthday is the first week after we finish our sugar detox. What will you have for your special day?

I will have homemade shamrock shakes and Dad told Mommy to make a cake, please!!


That’s our update for now. Later in the week, I’ll post some recipes, including the Broiled Salmon with Quinoa and Veggies pictured above, meal-plans, and go-to foods for snack and breakfast.