We Quit Sugar – Week 8

This is supposed to be the celebratory “we’ve accomplished our goal” post. We are celebrating, and we are excited it is been eight weeks without sugar, but this isn’t a celebratory post like an end of the school-year party. I’m not writing this to say we did it, we’re done, and welcome back sugar. I’m writing this to say we’ve started a journey and made it eight weeks thus far. We will have many, many more weeks without sugar.

I’m really proud of Ethan and Tyler. They’ve both been troupers through this whole ordeal, especially Ethan. I would have never been as gracious with my parents if they had taken sugar away when I was a kid. He can see the positive and the negative of the situation, but definitely appreciates the positive.

We will celebrate Ethan’s 10th birthday next weekend and have yummy chocolate cake, but until then, this week will be just like the last eight – without sugar. I’m excited about that. I’m celebrating eight weeks of healthy living. I’m celebrating a lack of stomach aches. I’m celebrating the ability to focus. I’m celebrating no afternoon slumps. I’m celebrating some weight lost (11 lbs.). I’m celebrating learning new recipes. I’m celebrating doing something together as a family. I’m celebrating this African Sweet Potato Soup and zucchini bread with muenster and tomato (pictured above). I’m celebrating some yummy, great food.

What are you celebrating today?