Southern Hospitality & Brazil

A few weeks back, during the World Cup, my husband sent me a link to a narrative article titled, “Brazil’s Secret History of Southern Hospitality.” Assuming it had something to do with the World Cup, as he was pretty engrossed in the games, I benched it for a day or two. I enjoy soccer as much as any American (I hope you get the irony here), but I’m not a huge team sports kind of girl. Also, the narrative is long, and I just don’t have that kind of time lately.

A few days later, I found myself with ample time to read it, both kids being occupied or sleeping, and after I saw the word, “confederate” in it, I decided it probably wasn’t about the World Cup. Sitting down with some afternoon coffee, I set about to reading.

Shocker! This narrative is one of the most interesting pieces I’ve read in a while. Apparently some confederate families went down and settled in Brazil after the Civil War and continued to live there for many generations until recently, when they died out. I assume the author, who met three of the descendants, felt like he had stepped into The Twilight Zone. The dialect, story, and experience are incredibly well written and exceedingly curious and intriguing.

I’d suggest reading it.

Over here, we’re prepping for a weekend of DIY-ing it for The Not Wedding, coming up in Charlotte on August 7, featuring my talented photographer-husband, LaCross Photography, and one of my best friend’s company, Blushing Hair and Makeup, along with many other talented vendors. I can’t wait!