Whining over the Little Things

I’m often surprised at how much E whines over the little things. But when it comes to big boo-boos or life issues, he’s amazingly silent. Those are the times when I really want him to tell me he’s in pain or upset. I wish I could flip a switch for him to complain about those things and not the broccoli, the smaller piece of cake, the unfairness of life.

For instance, he recently visited a friend. After I picked him up from his play date, we ran three of four errands and then went home. About thirty minutes later, he came up to me and said, “Look at where I fell today.” He pulled his shirt up to reveal a 3 inch scrape acros his back, crusty with cotton from his shirt stuck in the scab. Shock. Of course he didn’t mention it to the friends’ mom. He didn’t cry.

Then last night we had another moment. We were with some friends and E started complaining about his back hurting. We sent him upstairs to go to bed after I rubbed it a little bit. Then later, I sent Tyler up to check on him. E then proceeded to tell Tyler he fell off the monkey bars while doing a back flip earlier that day. He fell from the 7-foot monkey bars onto his back. Of course, it was in mulch, but that doesn’t lessen the pain completely. No, he didn’t tell his teacher. Yes, he does have a bruise right next to his spine.

Seriously? These are the things I’d prefer E to mention to someone.